Faculty of Modern Chinese Studies to Begin Double Degree Program in Conjunction With Nankai University from April 2014

As announced previously, the Faculty of Modern Chinese Studies will begin a new double degree program in conjunction with Nankai University in April 2014. Students who successfully complete the program will earn two degrees in the time it takes to usually earn just one (graduates of the program will receive a bachelor’s degree in Modern Chinese Studies from Aichi University, and a bachelor’s degree in Literature from Nankai University).

For those individuals who are looking to work with or within East Asia in their future careers, this program offers it all. Students will be put through their paces, expected to complete specialist classes on China and Chinese culture in Japanese at Aichi University (year 1/4), and in Chinese at Nankai University (year 2/3). English classes for non-native speakers will also be carried out throughout the duration of the program, ensuring that students will achieve advanced levels of fluency in all three languages by the time they graduate.

Students interested in enrolling in the program must attain Level 5 of the New HSK exam and a TOEIC score of 600 by the end of the China Study Abroad Program (a compulsory program whereby all students spend the spring term of their second year at Nankai University to undergo intensive Chinese language training). Successful candidates will also be required to submit two dissertations as part of the conditions for graduation. While the program will be highly intellectually demanding, for the dedicated language learner, this is the perfect opportunity to set yourself apart from the crowd.

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